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Auto (1/10, Royal true ending path required). Shidos Palace Steal The Entire World! +2. This skill can deal a lot of damage and even hit-kill on higher difficulties. Electric Chair Use Tarunda and your most powerful attacks, use skills or items to remove debuffs, especially Hunger and Defense Down. It's recommended to get at least a couple of each; The priest also offers the Confession Booth where you can relearn skills that you replaced for your teammates. Both of these enemies appear in the same "mini-boss" fight, which is an introduction battle for Ryuji. +2. For round 1, the only option is to kill the Decarabia so that the explosion kills the Black Ooze, which is immune to all damage. The real one has a tree branch in the background, the woman is wearing red, and has long hair over the shoulder. Giving something to a Confidant is only possible when you are spending time with them but not ranking up, The next visit to Mementos will be during a Pollen Warning, which means that Shadows have a chance to ask for Wide Eye Drops during the negotiation and they will be captured automatically. Although the year is never specified in-game, using the. +3. This will not be a Rank Up. You will find a gate that requires the keycard to open; in the Slot Room at the very far south of this area near a green terminal, climb up some shipping containers and use the grappling hook to go to the higher floor; When you get all the coins you need, go back to the entrance hall and buy the High Limit Card and the other items too; Go to the High Limit Floor and after the scene, leave the palace; Make sure you have a Justice Persona before leaving; Solve the crossword puzzle downstairs: answer Reward. Ive been following a guide so far for my play through and am at the end of July, 7/30. Try to debuff him and buff your party but dont use all at the same time because if you go too heavy on buffs/debuffs he will cure his stats ailments and nullify yours. Chariot Arcana Confidants will speak to Joker and occasionally, Joker will have three different options to choose from before responding. If you want him to appear you can go up and down between two floors until it happens, There are 2 Stamps in the previous area so backtrack to get those, Sometimes when you get down to another area there may be an ATM to loot for tons of SP recovery items. Immediately use items to cure it or a Persona with Mabaisudi to avoid being hit with Technical Attacks. A sword that possesses the power to transmutate. From that point on, to December 23, the BGM will be replaced by "Disquiet." During these days you can read any book without consuming a time slot; Read the book The Great Thief in the metro (1/46). Makoto can exploit the weakness of Kushinada. Persona 5 Royal Confidant Guide By Adam Beck on March 31, 2020 Released three years ago, Persona 5 took the world by storm with its phenomenal turn-based combat system and compelling story. 100% Completion Walkthrough. Shadow Okumura (Mammon) Mix attacks and guards with everyone while keeping the boss under the effect of Tarunda. Go to the Airsoft Shop and talk to Iwai. In every Palace there will be a new Treasure Demon and it's important that you capture all of them once; Treasure Demons have a chance to appear every time you loot an object or start a battle. As with every confidant, having a persona of a corresponding arcana will increase the number of points you earn with them by one. The fight will not end by killing Shadow Amasaki, all enemies must be defeated. Additional Palace and Mementos Guides Ask Kawakami to wash the Sooty Scale Armor; Go to Yongen-Jaya Movie Theater and watch the movie March of the Lambs (15/18), The Lucky Worker Bag has x3 Physical and Magical Ointments. He guards the Blue Seed of this Palace, and as always, these guardians can be quite strong. Sacrifice Makami to get the Frei Skill Card and capture an Ame-no-Uzume in the Palace; If you don't have Makami, you can capture one in this Palace too, Give Ame-no-Uzume the Frei Skill Card and talk with the Twins for. Mishima's Desperation: Increases EXP earned by backup members. When this happens, guard with everyone; Solve the crossword puzzle in the booth seat downstairs: answer Black. Spend all your flowers too; When you leave Mementos you will loose any Flowers you did not spend, Keep in mind that you will also need more than 100.000 because there are still day-to-day purchases to make. Red-light District, Shinjuku and Electric Town, Akihabara. Availability And Perks Akechi's Confidant will still unlock automatically, which happens on 6/10 when you visit the television studio. Go to Akihabara and get the last accessory for completing Retro Games; Talk with Star Lilina in the corner of the Machine Parts Shop in Akihabara to get. Money Reading: Temporarily increases money earned from battle. Baton passing between her and Joker to do big damage and finish the fight. He has One-Shot Kill and can Charge and buff himself. Prometheus Toranosuke Yoshida Confidant Guide. May Persona Fusion Guide July Here are several tips that Persona 5 Royal players should remember when meeting with a Confidant. Pay close attention to 11/20. If you didnt dodge one of the last three you need to dodge it now. From that point on, until December 23, the BGM will be replaced by "Disquiet." Macabre Hang out with Takemi. During this phase, just worry about surviving. Status ailments don't have a high chance to work but they can keep one of them out of the fight until you do some damage to the other. This is a story event and can't be skipped. Persona Compendium Each Confidant is aligned with an Arcana. Game Show: (Speaker of the House decides), Play game Punch Ouch and use "the Technique". ", Complete Mementos Request "Daughter's Just a Meal Ticket. You will find these guys in this Palace, but in your first infiltration they are considered mini-bosses. Kasumis availability is weird. Speak with the Man Wearing Hat near the Velvet Room in Shibuya Central Street; Quick Travel to Shibuya Underground Walkway; Head north, up the big staircase, turn left, and talk with the Homeless Man; Go to the back alley south of Big Bang Burger. Make sure to always collect all the Stamps in every visit to Mementos and prioritize raising the items buff to maximum before anything else; Apart from the Stamps, Jose will also ask you to collect Flowers. Status Inflicting Skills Fortune Arcana Detox DX: Raises the chance of Detox X succeeding. Every member of your group will suggest a different item and only the rarest one will work. During this fight, only use male party members, otherwise the boss will use Brainwash skills to hit the entire party. The enemy repels both physical and gun attacks, blocks fire, and is weak to Bless. This enemy drops the. - The protagonist can only spend his free time around Leblanc. Proficiency Foolish Monks can cast Sukukaja, making them hard to hit, and the Embittered Blacksmith has no weaknesses. Keep in mind that Joker does not have to have the Persona "equipped" to get these bonus points. Just be careful not to accidentally choose any wrong answer because there's not much wiggle room when maxing Faith, make sure you have backup saves. 1: "I always knew you were a thug." Expert Customization: Unlocks more parts for customization. By having a Persona of the same Arcana as someone you are spending time with, you will earn extra relationship points, making you rank up faster. During the Casino tutorial, there is nothing to worry about here. At the top of the staircase, on the balcony, use the grappling hook; in the Lower Port Hallway, there is a mouse statue in the center that will need to be set to ON. When the boss uses Rapid Ascend, it takes two turns for for the big attack to happen, use the first turn to heal and buff, and the second turn Guard with everyone. Orpheus Telos Picaro This will allow Joker to go out at night and do any event after spending the day fighting. After Rank 6 Ryuji will send you an SMS regarding a scene that will need to be completed in order to progress the Confidant line further. Rank First in the Exam Rewards Go up the new staircase and you will be in a new room with a grappling hook point in the middle. Give him the Calling Postcard and get. Below is the calendar followed in Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal. If not, we will have to buy it. The boss attacks twice a turn, normally with one attack and one debuff, and can only be damaged by magic spells. Boss Beast of Human Desires: the beast will use physical attacks on one of your party members or on everyone. +3, P. 1/2: "Like father, like son." He uses Charge, Rampage, and Maragidyne so don't have Yusuke in the team to not give the enemy 1-Mores. Social (afternoon of 2/2, accept her SMS message). Crossword +3, P. 1/2: "He's my age, so it comes easier." The quest marker leads to the world map and there you can choose where to go; Go see Makoto in Shibuya Underground Walkway. However, to likely prevent the event from intertwining with the prompt where Sojiro lets the protagonist roam Tokyo, there's a free evening on May 2nd. 1/2: "I'm counting on you." Use the DVD in your room to watch Jail Break (8/12), Question: (Memories that last a long time), (Infinity), (Forever), This is another chalk throw that needs to be dodged. In this month, it's possible to get the first bad ending of the game. 1. In his second form, he will start using elemental spells as well as act multiple times per turn. ", Complete Mementos Request "Ending the Boyfriend's Abuse.". Game Controls, Tips and Strategies Having a Persona that at least blocks physical attack will be a lifesaver. Go to Kichijoji and hang out with Akechi, don't forget to bring a Justice Persona; Read the book Wise Man's Words in the metro; Leave the classroom and talk with Mishima; Go to the third floor and enter the library; Talk with Nishiyama, he is looking at his phone; Go back to the Classroom and talk with Ann. Celestial Reading: Triggers a Fusion Alarm, then raising alarm chances until end of day. A level 1 Arsene fused with a level 2 Pixie will only net one inherit skill slot. It depends on the amount and type of enemy you are fighting. The puzzle of this Palace consists in finding the real Sayuri painting amongst counterfeits. Build your relationships in the real world and these people will lend you their strength in the world of shadows. Tool that can only be used in safe places. Remember to keep the wallet full since Personas can be bought from in the Velvet Room so long as they're registered to the Compendium first. Morgana They will still be featured in the schedule for completion's sake, You still need to drink the fruit juice even if it gives Knowledge otherwise it won't rotate to the next stat, Solve the crossword puzzle downstairs: the answer is Sunburn. Mind Control: Occasionally lets you skip negotiation when attempting to obtain a Persona. Crafting Infiltration Tools New Features in Palaces In this month there will be new Confidants to start, a new party member joins the team, there are exams again, and it's impossible to leave LeBlanc for an entire week. Caroline and Justine Strength Confidant Use the DVD in your room to watch Wraith (2/12). Down Shot: Allows you to knock down an enemy with a special shot once per infiltration. Coffee Basics: Allows you to brew coffee that slightly restores SP of one ally. Fuse Clotho and Stone of Scone to get Lachesis (Fortune, 35) and pass on Tetraja; Complete all requests and get all Stamps. Clotho's base level is 27 and fusing her with Stone of Scone will result in the third Persona of the Fortune Arcana which is Lachesis, level 35. RELATED: Persona 5 Royal Confidant Guide: Lovers. This mechanic is almost identical to the Social Links of Persona 3 and Persona 4 and involves the protagonist building relationships with accomplices around the city. Scan this QR code to download the app now. Use Attack Up on all your team with skills or items, defense down on all the enemies, abuse Baton Pass and even use elemental damaging items with someone that can't exploit weakness. Pickpocket: Chance to obtain an item when Joker performs a melee attack. The same applies to Akechi, who needs to be Rank 8 before 11/24 to unlock his Third Awakening. By having a Persona of that Arcana, players will get an extra Confidant Point by selecting the right responses or giving gifts. Hanging out with a Confidant when they're not ready to rank up will generate 3 Confidant Points as well as any points players may have received from responding to them. OR "It's enigmatic." Overall, they don't do much. Billiards Use Charge and Concentrate to increase your damage but don't use Physical, Fire, Elec, and Nuclear attacks. Kamoshidas Palace The majority of the dialogue for the original Persona 5 Confidants stay the same, with a couple of alterations and an added Followup phone call that occurs at the end of most events. Because of this Im trying to rearrange a few parts of my schedule to get back on track as fast as I can. The best item for a character will heavily depend on your team's composition and the role of that character on the team, The items listed here are considered the best for the characters primary role and will work in any composition or situation, Failing in the Gallows execution will yield no experience to the selected Persona, but instead give it random stat increases, The chance that a Fusion Alarm will happen can be increased by using the. It is not possible to get all the Thieves Den Objectives while getting everything else, although, by following along with the schedule, you will end up completing a fair few. Emperor Arcana Since the items they pick are random there is no way to tell what will work beforehand. It's not narratively significant, but we won't spoil it anyway so you can experience it fresh. Ranked up by spending time with this character, however the dialogue options do not matter. While it's not necessary to follow it, it was designed to have Personas of all elements kept up-to-date with enemy levels, making the game easier. Having Makoto with you is recommended because she has Energy Drop that can cure it. Give him the Supernova Burger and get, The Talisman Set has x3 Ofudas of each type, they increase Attack, Defense, and Evasion for all allies for 3 turns. How powerful the random skill card and accessory will be depends on the level of the sacrificed Persona. Need to know when the crossword puzzle is on the table in Leblanc? Dont bring Ryuji into the fight, his weakness to wind will give the boss constant 1-Mores; Boss Beast That Rules the Palace: This boss is so much easier compared to the original game because Futaba will actually block the big attacks for you. He is another optional boss but defeating him is not required for any trophy. Today is the second chalk throw in the game and again, you don't need to dodge it; Yakisoba Pan is available today in the School Store; Head to Shibuya Station Square and speak with the politician; Go to Shibuya Central Street Bookstore and buy the book, Go to Untouchable and talk with Iwai to get the gun. Lovers Arcana +2. Hang out with Hifumi, don't forget to bring a Star Persona; Enter the bathroom in LeBlanc and choose to clean. Card Duplication: Allows Yusuke to duplicate Skill Cards. It is even possible to achieve a romantic state with all possible partners during a playthrough which results in a unique and humorous special event. Once the Protagonist receives the name of his target, they'll be able to consult the Phantom Thieves and view the Request. Igor Fool Confidant Go to the new area that unlocked, Aiyatsbus, and find Jose. Cheap Shot: Allows you to use Down Shot three times per infiltration. Some responses will generate 1-3 Confidant Points, while others won't generate any. Follow the tutorials until the first "mini-boss" of the game. Read the book Pirate Legend in the metro; Question: (You unquestionably support it), (You have a duty to correct it). Information about these weapons can be viewed in the Special Enemies table. Shadow Factorization:Allows you to see Null, Repel, and Drain when highlighting a target in battle. Luck Reading: Temporarily increases the growth rate of a selected social stat. OR "Trust no one." It doesn't matter if Clara makes any mistakes this time. Introduced as Joker's homeroom teacher, Sadayo Kawakami is the Temperance confidant in Persona 5 Royal. Check out the Special Enemies table to see their weaknesses; when you get to the conveyor belt area, keep going forward until you are able to cross to the other side. 1/3: "So they have, huh?" Close to the end of the fight, Yaldabaoth will summon all weapons at the same time and start charging up for a massive attack. Use Tarunda and Rakunda and your best skills. World of Qlipoth Go to Kichijoji and play darts, invite Akechi; You can use the Dart Set to make it easier. In front of the Penguin Sniper Lounge there is a Donut Shop, interact with it and answer "10", Answer the text message to watch the movie Like a Dragon (4/18) with Makoto. Books Flowers can be found all across Mementos and you can collect them as you drive by, Jose has a random chance of appearing every time you enter a floor. Girl Talk: If negotiation with a female Shadow fails, you can try again. Persona 5 Royal Story Walkthroughs Mini-Boss Boss Guides Bumper Crop: Increases the total vegetable yield for a single harvest. Use the DVD in your room to watch Mouse M.D. You can only buy the fruit drink on Sundays and it changes every time you buy it, giving different stats. There are no weaknesses to exploit nor status ailments to inflict, this fight is a pure damage race. While in rat form, you can't do anything and you will take major damage. Using the ability Third Eye will highlight objects to loot, objects that do not have loot in them won't be highlighted but they still will have a chance of containing a Treasure Demons, Regent is weak to Nuclear so use Makamis Frei, Morgana's Lucky Punch skill, or have someone use the Atom Ring that can be found in a treasure chest in the area before this fight. Social (rank 5 Proficiency "Transcendent" required), 1. *Takuto Maruki and Kasumi Yoshizawa are Confidant exclusives to Persona 5 Royal only. The chance of failure will increase based on how many things you did during that Fusion Alarm. OR "Hes a cool kid, huh?" This is part of the Yaldabaoth boss fight. In a battle with a lot of enemies (3 or more), it will give more money to kill them all, The level of the enemy will also affect how much money they will give when you hold them at gunpoint. on the School Shop's first floor. Morgana's Confidant line ranks up automatically over the course of the game. Round 1: Jack-o'-Lantern, Jack Frost, Kelpie, Koropokguru, Round 2: Onmoraki, Apsaras, Mokoi, Inugami, 20.000 points - Duke's Coat (75 defense mans only armor), 25.000 points - Ember Ring (Gives the skill Agi), Round 1: Rakshada, Shiki-Ouji, Leanan Sidhe, 35.000 points - Heat Wave Belt (Gives the skill Heat Wave), Round 1: Decarabia (Disaster Shadow), Thoth, Black Ooze (blocks all attacks), Round 3: Kushinada, Arahabaki, Ose, Lilim, 43.000 points - Spiral Rasetsu Anklet (Gives the skill Matarukaja), 46.000 points - Miracle Belt (Gives the skill Miracle Punch), 40.000 points - Supreme Ring (Gives the skill Megidolaon). Unlocking Showtime Attacks, Persona 5 Story Walkthroughs If Joker fails to get to Rank 10 before the end of Niijima's Palace, then the players will be locked out of the true ending and get the original ending from Persona 5. You will find yourself in a new small area with the Blue Seed and the Guardian; Spear-Wielding General and Guard Dog of Hades: At the start of the fight they will use Desperation that lowers the defense but increase their attack. She requires a Kindness rank of 3 or more, and because of the lateness of her. Okumuras Palace Star Arcana Make sure to answer, "I want to keep our promise". Once you get the request from Hierophant Rank 8 and talk with Futaba the next day, you will be automatically fighting the boss and will leave Mementos once the battle is over. ", 1. ), (will cancel romance if 1: was picked for 4. +2. In this table, all the Thieves Den Objectives will be listed in case you want to complete more. Borrow the book, from the vending machines at the School Courtyard, Shibuya Arcade (on Central Street), and the Bathhouse in front of LeBlanc. ", Complete Mementos Request "Upstaging the Stage Mother.". Max Arcana Burst: Further increases the EXP bonus granted by Arcana Burst. Each Confidant is sorted into Suits of a Tarot deck, or Arcana, and this becomes relevant in the dungeons as higher Confidant ranks allow you to create more powerful Personas and gain buffed abilities. Leave LeBlanc and make your way to Yongen-Jaya Station; Ride the train and then go upstairs to enter Shibuya Underground Walkway; Head north, up the big staircase, and exit the building into Shibuya Station Square; Right in front of you is the Teikyu building; Enter the Ginza Line Gate and ride the train; At Shujin Academy, go to the second floor. You need to get the order right for this. It will make all games easier by giving you more time for the inputs or giving more chances to try again. Tentacle of Assistance will give buffs and debuffs, and Tentacle of Healing will heal. You guys removed Takemis Confidant Guide link from the side list. Talk with The King and he will ask you to prove your support for the Phantom Thieves; Go to the Backstreets and ask Futaba to hack the Gun About website; Go back to Akihabaras arcade and talk with the King again. Here's a spoiler-free guide to her confidant. Leave the Palace after securing the route to the Treasure, fusing Berith, and getting the necessary money; When you are ready to leave, make sure you have a Lovers Personas; Almost every Sunday, you can check the TV and buy unique or rare items from the Shopping Program. Guard when he is about to use his Big Bang attack because that is quite powerful and can one-shot all your team. Kaneshiro himself can be put to sleep as well when the bodyguards are defeated. William You will be fighting 3 enemies at the same time. School Life Guides You don't need a matching Persona for this Rank; The way to Shinjuku is through the Shibuya Station Square; Head to the Cocktail Glass symbol on the map and speak with Ohya; Go to the crafting table and select 4 lock picks but call Kawakami to craft for you. The guide also has a section for how to use your time each day, if you can't decide. If they love the gift, Joker will get 3 points towards that Confidant. Items with Bless damage also work. +3. With the Breeze Ring and her natural fire skills she can kill all the remaining enemies. When the robot is destroyed, Kaneshiro will summon bodyguards that are resistant to all attacks so the best way to deal with them is to set up Technical Attacks with Dormina or any other status ailments that you can apply. Battle Strategies 1,2: "Are you feeling better now?" Kaneshiros Palace 1/3: "It was pretty weird." Final Exams; Final blocks of free time (original ending). Don't use a Persona that is weak to Curse and keep your HP as high as possible. Drop down on the other side of the glass wall to find the Will Seed in front of you; This is the first Palace that has a blockade that you can't go past. This was designed with minimal spoilers of what will happen in the story and the combat. Go to Akihabara and buy the Blaring Alarm Clock from the Electronics Store; Head over to Shibuya Central Street and talk to the Twins (12/13). Ella During the interrogation you must deny the involvement of your friends, if you sell them out the bad ending will trigger, Play the game Featherman Seeker and use "the Technique", Play the game Featherman Seeker (3/7) and use "the Technique". Once you are done with the 2 requests and have gotten all the Stamps, go back to the entrance and enter the Velvet Room; Fuse Angel and Cait Sith to get Eligor (Emperor, 16); Fuse Apsaras and Succubus to get Orobas (Hierophant, 17); In Advanced Fusion, fuse Berith, Eligor, and Orobas to get Flauros (Devil, 19), pass on Tarukaja; Find Jose and spend the 10 Stamps (2 from Quimranut and 8 from Aiyatsbus) to get Items to x6. Building relationships with your confidants will give you more abilities, bonuses, and items as you progress and they are a cornerstone of. Have Joker exploit her weakness when possible and keep Tarunda and Rakunda going at all times. Ace Tools: Allows you to craft all infiltration tools. Summer vacation is here! December 21, 2022 Rin Tohsaka Persona 5 Royal 18 Overview and guide about Goro Akechi, the Justice Confidant or Social Link, in Persona 5 Royal. Depths of Mementos April The Cursed Tools Set has x10 Straw Dolls that have a low chance to insta-kill enemies with Curse damage and x3 low Curse damage items; Go to Kichijoji and talk with the man in the alley. Laced Bullets: Increases the success rate of an ailment-inflicting gunshot. Different from the Persona 5 original version, the Royal version doesn't have as many missable trophies, but they can still make you reload a previous save file, or in the worst case, start a complete new playthrough. In front of the stairs to the left is the Faculty Office; After the scene, make your way to the rooftop. Have Makoto and Joker Baton Pass to each other while exploiting the boss' weakness. Ann Tamaki Lovers Confidant Status Recovery Skills Ann Takamaki System Difficulty The game works with a hidden requirement system that lock players out of certain events or Confidants based on the current Rank of their social stats. Then, Chihaya's Rank 7 requires a second trip to Mementos to change the heart of her boss. Pass on Eiha and Zio; The number of skills you are able to pass down to a new Persona when fusing depends on the level of the Personas used. Goro Akeichi Justice Confidant Captain Kidd transforms into Seiten Taisei. The Fancy Magatama Set has x3 items of each element that deal elemental damage; decreases ATK/DEF/EVA for one foe for anyone that you invite to the Club today; You can continue to invite Futaba so that she upgrades to Support Plus 2, which allows her to cast both Masakunda and Marakunda. You only need one of them; Go to Shibuya Central Street Movie Theater and watch the movie Admission Impossible (10/18). Because of Garula, don't bring Ryuji into this fight to avoid giving the boss 1-Mores. Having a Persona that blocks or repels physically will help but its not necessary. Phantom Thieves Initial Persona This Guide has all that and more. Fast Money Earning Guide To know where to find the Treasure Demon you need in Mementos, see the table in. Hit. Caroline & Justine (Strength) Having a Persona that, at least, is resistant to physical attacks will make this fight easier. You will be forced to complete the Request and also be forced to leave when you do; Mementos is a randomly generated dungeon that you can explore. After defeating him and going to bed the same day as clearing the Cruiser Palace, choose the bottom option to allow access to the bonus scenes. OR "How's your cold?" Don't worry if you don't have it right now, just keep that in mind. There are also some Confidants (Mishima and Yoshida) that will Rank Up each time Joker hangs out with them, regardless of how many Confidant Points they have. July Learn the ways of the trickster and partake in a royally-upgraded RPG experience. And finally, the eastern shelf is where the Slave Book goes. NOTE: If you do not progress to Rank 5 before 12/24, the remainder of the Faith Confidant line will be locked. Enter the first window and crawl inside a vent to reach a higher area where you can use the grappling hook to get higher; Back inside the castle, when the rooms start to shift, take the elevator down. Earn - not steal - the hearts of those who have lost their place to belong. Knowledge This event occurs on 4/15 to begin Ann's confidant in Persona 5 Royal. Play the game Golfer Sarutahiko (7/7) and use the Technique. Some good Confidants are Hifumi Togo, Yoshizawa, and Takuto Maruki. The guide also has a section for how to use your time each day, if you can't decide. Rejuvenation: Increases the selection of healing items at the clinic. Persona 5 Royal introduces a third semester, greatly expanding on January and early February's schedule, and the protagonist's free time in the process. This is, for the most part, a "free" month. They give the ability to get bonuses to stats and Confidant points without having to spend time (spend money instead). After the fight, you will be in control again. If you choose wrong you will have to fight a battle; When you get to the Twilight Corridor you will have to match colors to make bridges appear and create a path; In this area, you will also find the Blue Seed. High chance of inflicting Brainwash to one foe. Akechi (Justice) Use all the small boilie you get for free and try not to miss a single boilie; Buy the Star Mirror from the General Store in Shinjuku; Go to Shibuya Underground Mall and buy the Heart Ring from the Jewelry Store; Choose Asakusa Oshiage and select Nakamise Street, Solve the crossword puzzle downstairs: the answer for this is Illuminate, Go to Shibuya Central Street Movie Theater and watch the movie Clean Hard (13/18). Getting bulls-eyes in your turn will give you 1 extra point in Proficiency. In the next turn, make sure to guard with everyone. In a few days, we will spend all of it. Players will need Considerate-leveled Kindness (level 2). The boss has the skills Rampage, Sledgehammer, Charge, Tarukaja, and Rebellion and will always try to buff himself before starting to attack. Armor You can go train in Shibuya Central Street Protein Lovers Gym if you have any Protein items you can use to increase the effects of training. He Megido, an AoE Almighty skill and can also heal himself. Go to Kichijoji and enter the Penguin Sniper Lounge. what is the meaning of the sun in the philippine flag; jean paul perfume precio; lassana kello poto xxx; ladies plus size zip up hoodies; wood girl i make what i need Read the book The Craft of Cinema in the metro (11/46); Now watching movies and DVDs will give bonus stats; Hang out with Yusuke, don't forget to bring an Emperor Persona; Let's spend the money we have been saving for so long; Buy a Yakisoba Pan from the School Store but dont use it, we will need this one later; Read the book Game Secrets during class (12/46); Now "the technique" is available when playing Retro Games.

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